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Outfit of the Week (OOTW) is an outfit design competition which runs every week on Force.
This competition is great to show off your creative style by submitting your best outfit based on each week's theme.
Each Wednesday at 09:00* a new theme will be released here on the website, and you'll have until 09:00* on Tuesday to design an outfit based on the theme and submit it as an entry.
We will judge entries on the same Tuesday and release the winners the following Wednesday, along with the next theme.
* All times are in GMT +00:00.

The Force Staff Team will judge entries based on creativity, uniqueness, and more.



The rules of Outfit of the Week are very simple:
1. Do not precisely copy any outfits which someone else wears, nobody likes a copycat!
2. Only one submission is allowed per account.
3. Submit your entry through the website at the Entertainment > Competitions page.
4. Entrants who get banned from Force during the competition will be automatically disqualified.

If you are found to have broken any of the rules your entry may be disqualified.


Last week's winners

• 🏆 1st Place - bean
• 🥈 2nd Place - Kate
• 🥉 3rd Place - sin


The Theme

The theme this week is: Futuristic

Deadline: Tuesday 06 September 2022 at 09:00 GMT +00:00.



Of course, there are prizes along with this competition!

This week's prizes are below:
• 🏆 1st Place - 6,000 credits, 8 diamonds and a Gold Trophy signed by the Force Staff Team
• 🥈 2nd Place - 4,500 credits, 6 diamonds and a Silver Trophy signed by the Force Staff Team
• 🥉 3rd Place - 3,000 credits, 4 diamonds and a Bronze Trophy signed by the Force Staff Team
• All eligible entries will be awarded a badge for participation.


How to Enter

After you have designed your outfit and are happy with it, save it to your avatar, then submit your entry through the website at the Entertainment > Competitions page. The submission page will automatically detect your outfit and allow you to see it before it gets submitted.


If you have any questions or concerns be sure to get in touch with us through the Help > Create Ticket page or by chatting with member of staff in-game.


We wish you the best luck and look forward to your entry!