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This policy was last updated on 1 September 2022.

Event Participant Rules

These rules you must follow when participating in events on Force.

  1. You must behave in a civil manner towards the host and fellow players, and follow the Force Rules at all times.
  2. Games must be played according to the game rules. If you don't understand the game rules you must ask the host to explain or read the rules using the ":htp" (how to play) command.
  3. You must not share answers or team up with other players, unless it is allowed according to the game rules.
  4. You must not leave a game to intentionally allow a friend to win.
  5. You can only re-join a game if you disconnect from Force at the host's decision. You might not be allowed back in if the next round has begun or it would be unfair to other players.
  6. If you are asked to pick a player to eliminate and cannot decide, you may make a short "last to" game, such as "last person to wave". The "last to" game must be fair and all players are required to participate in the "last to" game.
  7. You must not use commands, clothes, effects or pets to distract other players in the game or give other players a disadvantage. To clarify: this means you cannot wear a large hat in a maze to block the path, you cannot pull/push players around and you cannot use 'fast walk' to move quicker than the other players.
  8. You must not interact with another player's game items unless it is allowed according to the game rules. To clarify: this means you cannot pull another player's switch or roll their dice.
  9. You must pay attention to the game at all times while playing. You may be eliminated from the game if you don't complete your turn promptly or if your avatar falls asleep.

Event Hosting Rules

These rules you must follow when hosting official in events on Force.

  1. You must only host Games of Skill and Games of Chance, meaning games such as "kick the ugly" are not allowed. See the Forbidden Games section below.
  2. Event rooms must have a waiting area, game area, host area, entrance gate or queue, and optionally a watching area for VIPs and Staff.
  3. Games should accommodate for at least 10 players unless the game is single player or team based. You should not start such games if there are less than 4 players.
  4. The event room must have a keyword set-up to teleport players to the waiting area when the word "exit" is said, for players to use when they are eliminated from a game.
  5. Multi-game event rooms should have a keyword set-up to list all the available games when the word ":games" is said, to allow players to vote on the next game to be played.
  6. Games, themes and topics must be suitable and fair for all ages and cultures. This means sex, drugs, alcohol, country specific and culture specific topics are not allowed, unless the event is specifically designed around educating players about such topics and authorized by management.
  7. You should host an event for 30-60 minutes per session, and take breaks between sessions to allow others to host and so that you can refresh yourself.
  8. Event staff members are expected to host for at least 3 hours each week. This means you could do 6 x 30 minute sessions or 3 x 60 minute sessions.
  9. You must send only 1 event alert using the ":event" command at the start of your session.
  10. You must unload the room using the ":unload" command at the end of your session.
  11. If your session is longer than 30 minutes, you can send a second event alert using the ":event" command in the middle of the session. Do not make any further alerts, even if nobody is coming to your event.
  12. You must award prizes to the winners using the ":giveprize [user]" command.

Forbidden Games

These type of games are not allowed on Force.

  • • Games where the host can unfairly determine the winner such as falling furni, cozzie change and never have I ever.
  • • Opinion-based games such as kick the ugly, hot or not, kiss or diss and america's got talent.
  • • Games where fees must be paid to play, eliminate opponents or remain in the game once eliminated.
  • • Fastest Typer, as it is possible to cheat using 'inspect element' tools.