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This policy was last updated on 28 August 2022.

Gambling Rules

These rules you must follow when gambling in Force.

  1. To place a bet, the opponents must both agree on the game to be played and the stake. The opponents must write in the chat the game which will be played, such as "pkr" (poker) or "21" (blackjack), and the stake, such as "3v3 thrones".
  2. The standard popular game rules will apply to the bet, with a redo/re-play of the round should there be a tie.
  3. After a round has been won, the winner may double their prize by risking another round only if the opponent agrees. The winner must write "risk" or "r" in the chat and the opponent must write their agreement in the chat, such as saying "ok" or "gl".
  4. Winnings must not exceed more than x3 the original stake. This means that the loser must pay winnings out after the winner wins 3 rounds. A bet will be considered over and winnings due to the winner at this stage. If you wish to continue you must start a new bet in accordance with Rule 1.
  5. A player can decide to cash out their winnings after any round by writing "keep" or "k" in the chat. The bet will be considered over and winnings due to the winner at this stage.
  6. Winnings must be paid out to the winner within 15 minutes of the end of the bet. Should winnings not be paid out within 15 minutes, this will be considered a scamming offence. The victim can open a report under the Gambling Compensation Scheme (see below) for assistance.

Gambling Compensation Scheme

For victims of a scam offence.

  1. If you have become victim of a gambling scam, you may open a report under this Gambling Compensation Scheme by opening a support ticket at the Create Ticket page with the following information:
    Room name the scam took place in:
    Username of the offender/scammer:
    Date and Time the scam occured at:
    Your timezone:
    The winnings you are due:
    A written description of what happened:
  2. Compensation will not apply if:
    1. either opponent's account was created less than 7 days ago;
    2. the bet was not played according to the Gambling Rules above;
    3. there is reason to believe that it is a fraudulent report;
    4. the stake was unusual or not according to the rare values; or
    5. the victim did not have the items/currency available to pay out if the offender won the bet.
  3. We will award winnings to the victim in the following ways:
    1. If the offender has the winnings available in their purse, inventory or rooms, they will be removed and placed into the victim's account.
    2. If the offender has enough currency available to buy the items required for the winnings, we will take the currency out their purse and exchange it for the winnings. Prices will be based on the Rare Values and VIP Shop.
    3. Where the winnings are a LTD Rare, the value of the rare will be awarded to the victim.
    4. Currency and items from permanently banned accounts will be used for all other winnings.
  4. We will apply the following punishments to the offender's account:
    1. 24 hour account ban.
    2. 14 day trade lock, meaning the offender will not be able to trade.