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This policy was last updated on 15 September 2022. Section 4.11 added.

Hate Speech

We will consider a statement hate speech if:

a) it targets a person, or a group of people with a mutual protected characteristic (age, race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, religious affiliation, caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, or serious disease);

b) and it also includes:

  1. violent speech;
  2. dehumanising speech;
  3. harmful stereotypes;
  4. statements of inferiority;
  5. expressions of contempt/disgust;
  6. profanity;
  7. slurs or pejorative terms; or
  8. calls for exclusion/segregation.

1. Violent Speech

Violent speech means a statement which includes hurting, damaging, or killing a person. We understand that some players engage in violent roleplay, where they write violent speech. This must only be posted in roleplaying rooms/groups to not be considered an offence.

2. Dehumanising Speech

Dehumanising speech means comparisons, generalisations, or unqualified behavioural statements that include:

  1. insects, animals, filth, bacteria, disease, faeces, sexual predators, sub humanity, violence or criminal behaviour
  2. statements denying existence
  3. black people and apes or ape-like creatures
  4. black people and farm equipment
  5. caricatures of black people in the form of blackface
  6. Jewish people and rats
  7. Jewish people running the world or controlling major institutions such as media networks, the economy or the government
  8. denying or distorting information about the Holocaust
  9. Muslim people and pigs
  10. Muslim person and sexual relations with goats or pigs
  11. Mexican people and worm-like creatures
  12. women as household objects or referring to women as property or "objects"
  13. transgender or non-binary people referred to as "it"
  14. dalits, scheduled caste or "lower caste" people as menial labourers

3. Harmful Stereotypes

Harmful stereotypes mean dehumanising comparisons that have historically been used to attack, intimidate or exclude specific groups, and that are often linked with offline violence.

4. Statements of Inferiority

Statements of inferiority means statements that include:

  1. Hygiene, including, but not limited to: filthy, dirty, smelly
  2. Physical appearance, including, but not limited to: ugly, hideous
  3. Intellectual capacity, including, but not limited to: dumb, stupid, idiots
  4. Education, including, but not limited to: illiterate, uneducated
  5. Mental health, including, but not limited to: mentally ill, retarded, crazy, insane
  6. Character traits culturally perceived as negative, including, but not limited to: coward, liar, arrogant, ignorant
  7. Derogatory terms related to sexual activity, including, but not limited to: whore, slut, perverts
  8. Expressions about being less than adequate, including, but not limited to: worthless, useless
  9. Expressions about being better/worse than another protected characteristic, including, but not limited to: "I believe that males are superior to females."
  10. Expressions about deviating from the norm, including, but not limited to: freaks, abnormal
  11. Expressions about eating disorders, weight or body image: fatty, anorexic, skinny, twig, skeleton

5. Expressions of contempt/disgust

Expressions of contempt/disgust means statements that include:

  1. Self-admission to intolerance on the basis of protected characteristics, including, but not limited to: homophobic, islamophobic, racist
  2. Expressions of hate, including, but not limited to: despise, hate
  3. Expressions suggesting that the target causes sickness, including, but not limited to: vomit, throw up
  4. Expressions of repulsion or distaste, including, but not limited to: vile, disgusting, yuck

Freedom of speech is also important, so we do allow statements of dismissal such as: don't respect, don't like, don't care for.

6. Profanity

Profanity means statements that include:

  1. Referring to the target as genitalia or anus, including, but not limited to: cunt, dick, asshole
  2. Profane terms or phrases with the intent to insult, including, but not limited to: fuck, bitch, motherfucker
  3. Terms or phrases calling for engagement in sexual activity, or contact with genitalia, anus, faeces or urine, including, but not limited to: suck my dick, kiss my ass, eat shit

7. Slurs or pejorative terms

Slurs or pejorative terms means any term listed in Wikipedia's Lists of pejorative terms for people, including but not limited to: n*gger, f*ggot, ch*nk, p*ki, cr*cker, bible beater, jewboy, jihadi, raghead, dothead, queer.

8. Calls for exclusion/segregation

Calls for exclusion/segregation means statements that include:

  1. Segregation in the form of calls for action, statements of intent, aspirational or conditional statements, or statements advocating or supporting segregation
  2. Explicit exclusion, which means things such as expelling certain groups or saying they are not allowed
  3. Political exclusion, which means denying the right to political participation
  4. Economic exclusion, which means denying access to economic entitlements and limiting participation in the labour market
  5. Social exclusion, which means things such as denying access to spaces