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These rules were last updated on 1 September 2022.


Moderation in Force is enforced using a tiered punishment system. Players who break the Force Rules will be issued a punishment according to their moderation history.

Punishments will expire from your record 7 days after the punishment is lifted. If you feel you have been wrongfully punished, you must contact us via the Create a Ticket page.

If another player is causing you trouble you should use the 'Ignore' and 'Report' buttons on the player. The Ignore button will prevent you from seeing their chat messages, and the Report button will create a case with our moderation team to investigate further and apply punishment to the player if they've broken a rule.

See the graphic below to understand the punishment steps:

Force Rules

These rules are primarily here to keep Force a safe and enjoyable environment for all players. In any situation where a discrepancy between an abridged version of these rules, this copy will be used for any decisions.

  1. General
    1. Do not use any third-party software on Force such as cheats, scripts, bots, packet loggers, or game manipulation tools.
    2. Do not take advantage of any glitch, bug or exploit in Force. If you discover something, you should report it to us through the Create a Ticket page. We reserve the right to remove and delete any items illegitimately obtained.
    3. Do not abuse the Report button by creating false or useless reports. You may be banned from the Report tool if you keep making invalid reports.
    4. Do not attempt to reverse payments, donations, or subscriptions to Force without valid reason: all payments are final unless otherwise stated.
  2. Account
    1. Do not ask for access to a player's account, share your account or ask for someone's password. You are solely responsible for any actions taken on your account and for the security of your account. You must maintain a complex password and a valid email address on your account to ensure strong security.
    2. Do not attempt to enter or hack into another player's account.
    3. Do not create additional accounts with the intention of gaining additional items/currency; evading an account punishment; or harassing/trolling another player.
    4. Do not use a username which is offensive or includes hate speech, slurs or pejorative terms.
  3. Content, Chat & Behaviour
    1. Do not post anything considered hate speech.
    2. Do not mock the concept, events or victims of hate crimes.
    3. Do not mention the URL of any other game (including Habbo Retros) or state that their game is inferior or better than Force.
    4. Do not disclose any personal information of another person including but not limited to: location, IP address, email address, full name, phone number, social media account, school, workplace or photographs.
    5. Do not excessively post identical or similar statements (spamming).
    6. Do not engage in sexual roleplay (cybering) with a player under the age of 18.
    7. Do not make false, misleading, or slanderous statements about Force, its staff members, its policies, or its services.
    8. Do not pretend to be a Force staff member or falsely claim to have staff powers/abilities.
    9. Force is not a court. Do not discuss allegations of a player’s criminal offences in Force. Instead contact your local authorities with the evidence and have them reach out to us if they require access to our records to investigate.
  4. Trading & Gambling
    1. All trades must be performed honestly. You must not trade with the intention of tricking a player into accepting an item of considerably less value than the one being advertised, meaning you can not advertise a Petal Patch but offer a Long Grass in the trade.
    2. Do not trade your account or virtual items/currency on Force for real world items/money or items/currency in another game.
    3. Do not advertise a trade you are not going to honour or joke about a trade, such as saying, “throne for 1 coin” and not trading said throne for 1 coin when a person is interested.
    4. Always follow the Gambling Policy when hosting or playing games of chance.
  5. Events & Competitions
    1. Always follow the Events Policy during an event and the Terms & Conditions for each competition, which can be found at the Competitions page.
    2. Do not attempt to cheat or maliciously disqualify other participants.
    3. Do not ask a staff member about the result of a competition before the results have been announced.